Stages of Plant Response to Seasonal Weather Patterns

Seasonal weather patterns greatly influence plant behavior, such as flowering, leafing out or greening up, and dropping of leaves or green down. Phenology is the scientific study of cyclical plant and animal patterns, such as flowering, breeding, and migration, in relation to climatic conditions.

View a two-week time lapse movie (23 Mb) of the greening up of a maple tree in Arlington, MA. In this movie, many features of the environment that impact the tree are illustrated: changing light conditions throughout the day and altered by clouds, wind, and rain. 

Seasonal change in vegetation - "green up"

The movie was made with a Kodak DC-290 digital camera with a 128 mb compact flash memory card. What makes this camera so nice to use is its time lapse option, allowing you to set a time interval of 1 minute or longer. The tree movie used a 5-minute time interval. If there is adequate memory available, 1000 pictures can be collected when the camera is plugged into an electrical outlet. This camera has been discontinued by Kodak, but you can find used ones for sale on e-Bay.

Selected images from the green up movie.
First tree image from movie

Second tree image from movie

Third tree image from movie