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Detector for Plant Stress

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A very low cost way to provide a durable plant stress detection device is to use popsicle sticks, a 1 inch x 2 inch section of purple gel filter, a glue stick, and a marking pen. Popsicle sticks are available at many office supply stores (approximately 300 for $1.50 to $2.00).

List of purple gel filters that may be used for detecting plant stress:

    Medium Purple Filter by Rosco (#049) 
    Mauve Filter by Lee (#126) 
    Orchid Filter by Gam (#995) 
    Sour Grape Filter by Apollo (AP3250)

Handles of sticks may be used for decorations or to write the basic rules for viewing plants: Dark = Healthy Plant; Light = Stressed Plant

Picture of one of the home-made filter flags

Extension Activities

Substitute additional color filters to study the color of shadows, scattering of colors in the sky, looking at the health of skin, etc.

Also, dark blue filters help golfers find their golf balls that are in a field of flowers (rather than paying the retail $40 for a pair of glasses).

What will you see?