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Pictures of the same location provide a wealth of information and data to monitor changing environmental conditions. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has research projects devoted to "repeat photography", such as documenting Mojave Desert Ghost Towns and Mining Sites. Woods Hole Research Center has taken this a step further by accumulating aerial photographs over the same area.

Setting up the camera to take photographs of the same location can be time consuming, and it is not practical to leave the camera in the field, waiting to take the next photograph. Our project team worked with several local park groups in the Boston area to create a stable platform in which people use their digital cameras to take repeat photographs of not just one scene, but the complete 360 degree landscape in less than a minute. We have also created a free website for people to upload their pictures for others to view. This is our PicturePost system.

If your school, community center, science center, zoo, arboretum, botanical garden is interested in building and installing their own PicturePost (about $20 and an evening of time to build and an hour or two to install),visit the site so we may assist you in getting started.

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