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Infrared Goggles

Infrared Goggles

While working with museum visitors, we noticed that people were not always as quick to believe what they observed with electronic gadgets, especially digital cameras, as they were when they saw it first with their eyes. This was a dilemma for us because we wanted people to experience "seeing" near infrared so they could relate what satellites "see" from space using these wavelengths. The only way we knew how was to use digital cameras or expensive infrared film. So we would like to thank Bill Beaty for inventing and sharing his design of inexpensive goggles that allow our eyes to see light that is just in the beginning range of the near infrared (not quite the same as what satellites measure, but similar characteristics are observed when looking at plants, buildings, etc). To make these IR goggles for about $10 each, visit Bill's web site for all the needed information as well as a fun read about his invention.

IR goggles for those who wear glasses

What will you see with the IR goggles?

Exploratory activities after you build your goggles.

Infrared goggles–can't see through them with visible light, but we can see 
through them with near infrared!