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filter is: a transparent material (e.g. glass or plastic) that absorbs light of certain wavelengths or colors selectively and is used for modifying light that reaches a sensitized photographic material.

Dueling Beams of Light is a DEW activity in which you can see what happens when you mix beams of colored light created with filters.

Planet Stress Detection Filters block out (absorb) green light, so that healthy plants will appear dark and stressed plants will be noticeably lighter. Through this filter, it becomes easy to see the difference between a healthy plant and a sick plant, and to pinpoint exactly which is which.

Infrared Goggles block out all the visible light through color filters of congo blue and primary red. Instead, the color filters together let through all the infrared light. These googles allow for a viewing experience of the near infrared (IR) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which lets us see things in a completely different way from what we are used to seeing!

Scientist using a color filter