How Does Pixel Size Affect a Digital Image?

A picture with only four large color squares does not show much detail. Use the links below to view the same image with different size pixels–from very large pixels (2x2) to small pixels (512x512 pixels). You are not zooming into the picture when using finer and finer pixels. There are just more pixels available to show details.

Number of Pixels
2 x 2
4 x 4
8 x 8
16 x 16
32 x 32
64 x 64
128 x 128
256 x 256
512 x 512

Download the complete series of images in a compressed folder (Mac PC).

Download DigitalImageBasics which was used to create these images. Use the "Pixels" tab panel. DigitalImageBasics is available in the DEW software bundle.