Basics of DEW

Key Messages about Digital Earth Watch

Plants respond to their environment in a variety of wonderfully dynamic ways–although often on a time scale that most of us don't notice or with a subtlety our senses can't detect. Modern technologies let us monitor plant changes using the proportions of light reflected from leaves, which, when combined with our understanding of plant behavior, helps us to quickly assess the quality of the local environment. If we find that the environment is not healthy, then we must find the causes and whether they are a result of natural or human-influenced processes. 

Plant interaction with environment

Plants are indicators of Changing Environmental Conditions,
causing them to respond to those factors. That response can then be monitored to determine environmental conditions. Plants' indication of changing factors also influences human and natural processes' infuence on Environmental conditions, affecting the monitoring of said plants.

These key concepts allow multiple entry points into Digital Earth Watch. Our resources and activities are designed to be used flexibly by three general audiences:

  • those interested in plants, 
  • those interested in working with and applying technology, and
  • those interested in the quality of our environment.







diagram of principles of Digital Warthwatch