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Test Yourself

Assess your Understanding of Color with ColorBasics

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Purpose: Provide an assessment tool that identifies the skills and concepts developed in modifying the intensities of red, green, and blue in creating a wide array of colors.

While matching 10 randomly generated colors, the software creates a report of your performance.  The report shows how well you can match the overall intensity and the relative proportions of red, green, and blue of the displayed colors, two critical components in understanding color made on a computer screen.

NOTE: The images that follow are not interactive. Please download ColorBasics from the DEW software download page and follow along with the mini tutorial.

Test Youself ColoBasics screnshot

What To Do

 To run this program,  set the screen size to at least 800 x 600 and as many colors as possible.
  1. Typing your name into the opening window to create a filename for the report
  2. Create your guess color by entering intensity values in the Red, Green, and Blue boxes.
  3. Press 'Try Your Guess' to see if the guessed color matches the secret color.  A hint is provided after incorrect guesses.
  4. Repeat until colors match.  A match occurs when the guessed intensities are within 15% units of the corresponding secret color.  This means there are 29,791 possible matches.
  5. The program continues until 10 colors have been matched.  A report is generated on-screen and for printing.  The electronic file provides a list of each guess for all 10 color challenges, as well as the output statistics.

    You are ready to advance to other topics when you can identify the 10 colors in 15 guesses or less.