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Play with Colors

Challenge your Understanding of Color with ColorBasics Software

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Purpose: Test your understanding of how colors are made using combinations of intensities of red, green, and blue light. 

NOTE: The images that follow are not interactive. Please download the ColorBasics software with the DEW software bundle and follow along with the mini tutorial.

Play with colors screenshot

What To Do

1. Select the level of challenge.

Easy (color intensities must match within 15% and a hint is given after guess) Medium (color intensities must match within 10% and a hint is given after guess) Hard (color intensities must within 5% and no hint is provided after guess)

2. Select opponent: 'People' or 'Computer'

Note: When this button is clicked after guesses have been made, the scores are automatically reset to zero.

3. Press 'Set Secret Color'

When playing a person, a secret window will pop up. In this new window, enter intensity values in the red, green, and blue boxes. The person to guess the secret color should not watch the screen at this time! When playing the computer, a random color is set automatically.

4. Set your guess color by entering intensity values in the red, green, and blue boxes.

While playing against the computer, clicking 'Set Secret Color' provides a new secret color without adding points to your score.

5. Press 'Try Your Guess' to see if your guessed color matches the secret color.

A hint is automatically displayed if the guess does not match the secret color.  The hint shows that color intensities need to be increased or decreased.

6. Repeat until colors match. 

After matching the secret color, you may continue playing or you may explore the many possible matched colors. No guesses are charged for exploring these colors.

Pressing 'Show Answer' costs 10 guess points and the player must guess a new color.

At any time, you may select reset the score to zero by selecting 'Reset Score' in the ‘File’ menu. 

For more information about colors and examples, click 'Basics of Color' in the ‘Help’ menu.