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Compare Colors

Mixing Colors with ColorBasics Software


To visualize the differences and similarities when mixing colors of paint and light.

NOTE: The images that follow are not interactive. Please download the ColorBasics software as part of the DEW software bundle (or Java version) and follow along with the mini tutorial. 

Getting Started

Select two colors to mix by clicking on a color tile in each of the two color palettes of 6 colors.   The color palettes contain the primary colors in pigment (yellow, cyan, and magenta) and in light (red, green, and blue).

Palette 1 sets Color 1, which is displayed on the left side of the color panels, and Palette 2 sets Color 2, displayed on the right.  The color created by mixing the two colors is displayed in the center of each panel. The upper color box represents mixing colors of paint, and the lower box represents mixing colors of light.

Compare Colors screenshot