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Earth Day Activities at Menotomy Rocks Park, Arlington, MA

Goal of our Earth Day – Provide fun ways for families and people of all ages to appreciate the diverse natural beauty of Menotomy Rocks Park and how we can take care of our park.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Links to download documents supporting the activities scheduled from 1-4 pm.

Map of Activities

List of Activities and Materials

Art Meadow

    Pine Cone Bird Feeder Nature Book Mark

Paper Making–Make paper that may be planted for a Mother's Day plant

Recycling Race–How fast can you sort recyclables while running back and forth to the bins

Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers

Animal Tracks–Make and interpret stories using animal tracks that are inked onto paper

Who Pollutes the Pond? – Explore how small events can accumulate to create dramatic levels of pollution in a pond

Solar Clothes Drier–Measure how long it takes to dry clothes outdoors

Identiflier–Learn the songs of our local birds using recorded songs and laminated photographs

Ponding–Explore what lives in Hills Pond

Aerial Photography–See the world as a bird does using pictures taken from radio controlled electric airplanes

Soda Bottle Rockets–Launch rockers made of plastic soda bottles; powered by vinegar and baking soda

Geology Hike–Tour the park and learn the geology that shapes our hills and valleys

Tree Tour–Learn about the variety of trees in Menotomy Rocks Park (For people 12 years and older)

Plant Stress Detection Filters–Make and use purple filter flags to quickly see whether leaves are healthy or stressed; then you can become a plant stress detective, looking for clues to what is causing the problem

Sun Dial–track the motion of the Sun throughout the day to find True North and when Local Noon occurs

Infrared Goggles to Satellites–See the world in a new light (Near Infrared) and how we use this light to see plants from satellites.

Using the Near Infrared Bullet Camera and a TV, show Near IR and You – See Examples of Near Infrared Pictures with matched Visible Light Photos.

Environmental PicturePosts–Learn how can we photograph our park to record its natural rhythms while collecting valuable data to monitor the health of our environment.

Take Pictures from the Posts 
Share Your Pictures to the Website
Using the PicturePost website features to view pictures
Use the Pictures to Study Your Environment
Build and Install Your Own PicturePost

The PicturePost website has been collecting pictures for the past year. The pictures from the two posts in Menotomy Rocks Park are featured.

CloudsBubbles, and Wind–Watch the wind near the ground with bubbles, track the wind direction aloft using a mirror, and take home a template to make your own anemometer (measures wind speed)

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