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Mt. St. Helens

Series of Landsat Images of Mount St. Helens, Washington

Download these images of Mount St. Helens to use in the AnalyzingDigitalImages and DigitalImageBasics programs.

Use the Area tool and/or Masking technique in the software to make comparison measurements of amount of vegetated areas (healthy vegetation is red in color).  Also make measurements to estimate recovery rates in the devastated areas where vegetation was destroyed.

To download the image, either right-click or click and hold on the image.
A pop-up menu will have the option to 'Save Image As...',
which allows you to save the image on your computer.

You may do this to download most images available on the Internet.

Mount St Helens in 1973
Mount St. Helens in 1973
Mount St Helens in 1983
Mount St. Helens in 1983
Mount St Helens in 1988
Mount St. Helens in 1988
Mount St Helens in 1992
Mount St. Helens in 1992
Mount St Helens in 1996
Mount St. Helens in 1996

Additional imagery, data, and articles about Mount St. Helens,
and other regions around the globe, are available at USGS Earthshots.

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