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Tree Height

Challenge using AnalyzingDigitalImages Software

Measure the height of the tree and telephone pole in the photographs below.
Note: The person in both photographs is 6 feet tall.

Bonus Challenge: Create a mathematical correction to adjust for the distortion in the photographs.

Download the images of the trees below and use in the AnalyzingDigitalImages software.
Use the "Spatial" window and select the "Line" tool to make measurements.

To download the image, either right-click or click and hold on the image.
A pop-up menu will have the option to 'Save Image As...',
which allows you to save the image on your computer.

You may do this to download most images available on the Internet.

See the Manual and Help Files on AnalyzingDigitalImages for guidance.
is available in the DEW software bundle.

First tree Second tree (a telephone pole)

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