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Tree Canopy Density

Challenge using AnalyingDigitalImages Software

Calculate the change in the percent leaf cover as this maple tree as it greened up in the spring.

This can be done by creating a mask based on selecting a range of shades of green,
and then measuring the area of the selected green.

Download the images of the leaves below and use in the AnalyzingDigitalImages software.
Use the "Mask Colors" window.
See instructions on how to mask colors in the Remote Sensing Investigation.

To download the image, either right-click or click and hold on the image.
A pop-up menu will have the option to 'Save Image As...',
which allows you to save the image on your computer.

You may do this to download most images available on the Internet.

See the Manual and Help Files on AnalyzingDigitalImages for guidance. AnalyzingDigitalImages is available in the DEW software bundle.

First maple tree

Second maple tree

Third maple tree

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